Betta Pet Systems

Specialising in cat enclosures for:

  • Residential
  • Commercial Catteries
  • Retirement Villages
  • Breeders

We manufacture and sell creative cat enclosures and cat towers for your cats, and wire runs to connect enclosures and your house.

Display open 7 days a week for your convenience at factory direct prices.

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Safe and Secure

It is generally recommended that cats be confined to the owner’s property from dusk until dawn and preferably at all other times.

Having a cat enclosure reduces the chances of cats being hit by cars or involved in fights, catching diseases such as cat flu and feline AIDS as well as protecting them from poisons, theft or trapping.

A cat enclosure also stops your cat roaming into your neighbours property and protects local birds and wildlife.

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Comfortable and Happy

Cats require some exposure to sunlight to ensure good health and they like nothing better than snoozing in the sun.

Our cat enclosures come with a range of quality accessories including timber steps, bedding and hammocks for your cats comfort.

We also recommend our sturdy cat tree for climbing, and incorporating wire cat tunnels for them to explore, keeping your cats entertained and active.

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Flexibible Design

Betta Pet Systems has a cat enclosure to suit every situation.

With six different sized modular cat enclosures and with so many ways to connect with wire tunnels, your cat can safely enjoy exploring the outdoors.

There are many creative ways your cat enclosure can be installed and we also can also custom build for any situation.

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our customers say it best:
  • I am so happy with the job this company did for us regarding a Pet Enclosure in our back yard. My cats are so happy to be able to go outside and experience everything from watching the birds which they can not hurt to watching the leaves falling from the tree. Alex did a great job for us and I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to make life better for their cats and to keep them safe. –Judy S on Start Local

  • The cat enclosures, cat cages and tunnels we designed with Alex work perfectly for our cats Scarlet and Benny. They can enjoy the freedom of indoor and outdoor living as they choose. We appreciate the flexibility as we no longer have the concern of needing to be at home to bring them in at night and in bad weather. We know our cats are safe and content, no fights with the neighbourhood bullies and no danger of them being hit by a car on the road.–Amanda and Darren Reeves Ormond, Victoria

  • I couldn’t recommend Betta Pet Systems too highly as they have been the chosen supplier to Samnicki Russian Blue Cattery since 2009. We live on the Central Coast just north of Sydney, and I would not use anyone else, as the service I receive from Alex and his team is excellent. Just before Christmas I urgently needed a ‘special’ enclosure and true to his word Alex delivered it to me on the promised day.– Robyn Hackworthy, Samnicki Russian Blue Cattery, NSW

  • Having spent months experimenting with DIY Garden Cat enclosures for 2 kittens the smartest thing I ever did was buy a Large Cat Enclosure from Betta Pets! Ordered by phone and delivered the next week and installed professionally - too easy! 2 years later I now have a Cat Tower adjoining a Medium Cat Enclose adjoining the Large Cat Enclosure which run to another Medium Cat Enclosure. The modular set up of the enclosures made extending easy. Better still the cats love it and can lounge or play chasey depending on the day! My kittens are safe, no vet bills for cat fight injuries and the birds have returned to the garden!– Lynne Evans

  • I urgently needed a large sized cat enclosure to go indoors, and chose Betta Pet Systems. The enclosures are made in Australia; they are sturdy and very well made. The ordering, delivery and installation was quick and trouble-free. Many enclosures have a small door which is awkward but these enclosures are easy to enter. I would have liked the 'steps' or platforms for the cats to be a little wider, but otherwise it has been one of the best investments I've made for my cats' safety and wellbeing. The enclosures can be indoors or outdoors and there are several different sizes and colours. I highly recommend them! Lynda Hynes - Product Review

  • I used Betta Pet Systems and had it quoted and installed within a week. Excellent service! - Pip133

    My Parents also used Betta Pet and they were really good to deal with. I have also purchased tunnels and a large rectangular section from them to make a enclosure that went down well with the furballs. - rascey –Cat World Forum